Let us introduce ourselves

The Academy for Health and Social Affairs

The heysterman academy for health and social affairs stands for “growing old with dignity”. For training that guarantees caring for people the way we ourselves would like to be cared for at some point. We know that theoretical training alone is not enough to train our students to become top nurses, and that is precisely why we offer you practical and stress-free learning. That is what I stand for, and put my name to.  On our beautiful nursing campus, theory and practice merge together and integrate, thereby offering students the opportunity to explore everything within one central location. We always hear to listen to our students with a sympathetic ear, and we find a solution for every challenge. Among other things, we place value on your demeanour or how good your grades are. We are particularly interested in how you deal with people and whether your passion is in nursing. We want our students to empathise with the people concerned and to develop an interest in their needs

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In order to counter the continuing shortage of skilled workers in nursing, we not only support young, committed people in Germany, but also people with a migration background. Many of you have, for example, already completed training in your home country and need to upgrade this in Germany. We also give people from abroad the chance to build a life here with an education in nursing. Our student-oriented didactics are specially designed to draw on different life experiences, learning biographies, skill sets and social backgrounds or support options, and to embrace and promote these as a resource. The skill of independent learning is an integrative component along the way and enables lifelong learning that is targeted and, above all, vocational. This is the approach that guides how we design the curricular – or, in future, modular – theoretical parts of the training. Action-focused, innovative lessons based on the applicable legal frameworks of the federal and state governments, as well as constructive transfer of theory into practice through effective collaboration with our cooperative partners, are mandatory. Guidance here is offered by the recommendations made by framework curricula and teaching concepts of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.”

A word that reflects what we want in a simple way:

As a motivated, future-focused team, we would like to provide you with well-founded, practice-oriented and up-to-date knowledge, and therefore good professional and occupational expertise, based on our many years of professional experience, in order to provide you with education and advanced training at the highest level. In order to do justice to this mission, our team is supported by numerous educators, doctors, therapists, social workers, scientists, lawyers, business economists and specialists, who, together with us, form one solid unit – energetic, practical, and based on the current statutory regulations. Our well-equipped training/demonstration rooms allow active, lively and varied lessons. Working together instead of against each other is a top priority at the heysterman academy. With us, you will experience a familial environment and an interdisciplinary educational team full of solidarity and respect

Ingo Heysterman

Founder and Managing Director

Birgit Neubauer


Melanie Giesen

Paediatric Nurse, Teacher, Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Education

Michel Mele

Geriatric Nurse, Teacher

Miriam Matthiesen

Master of Science, M.Sc, Teacher

Sabrina Wohlan

Nurse, Teacher, Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Education

Lara Ballmann

Bachelor’s in Social Work, Experiential Educator, Teacher


Through our personal attitude we contribute to the internalisation of fundamental values for professions in the healthcare system and social services. Our range of training courses specifically promotes the development of competencies that take into account the requirements for a professional approach to the structuring of work.  Appreciation. Our actions are founded on an appreciative attitude. We maintain a respectful way of dealing with people and see ourselves as a model for appreciative, beneficial and tolerant cooperation.  For us, authenticity and responsibility mean recognising one’s own individuality and bringing it to fruition within the framework of a humanist image of human beings, while taking responsibility for one’s professional mission, and standing by it. We live this value both through openness with one another and with the topics of our work. We foster a constructive approach to criticism. We see conflicts as part of everyday life and as an opportunity for development.  Empathy and commitment are further components in our canon of values. Empathy is developed by empathetic employees who engage with participants and colleagues and who offer assistance when needed.  Jointly developed solutions and actions are important to us in our work together. Our daily actions are defined by our pursuit of professionalism, with the aim of creating a collaborative atmosphere in which successful learning is made possible. 

Added value through appreciation

Economy and humanity

Commercial partnership and space for creativity

Joy of innovation and reliability

Together instead of against each other

Customers and services

Our customer base includes individuals, cooperative partners and institutions, for whom we create our range of courses. Individuals and cooperative partners are our clients for educational measures (companies in the healthcare system and social services), our trainees and, if applicable, their parents and our course participants. Our core service consists in the planning, coordination and implementation of training, further education and advanced training courses, together with all partners involved in the educational process. We place particular emphasis here on providing individual consultation, for example in the areas of learning support and career planning. Our study courses that run in parallel to training and professional employment represent pioneering educational offerings.

General corporate goals

Our general corporate goals take into account the values of the interested parties we worth with, listed below, and are supported by a mission/vision. This consistently pursues needs-based training, further education and advanced training of specialists from our affiliated regional and national association partners to ensure the best possible patient and resident care. As a magnet for interested parties and health care institutions, we support humane and health-promoting care with our range of courses. To do so, we work continuously on the following goals:

With recognized qualifications

Sustainable customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are always at our heart

Effective and efficient cooperation in every department and improvements in our quality 

Our graduates are attractive for the job market

Effective and efficient cooperation in every department and improvements in our quality 

Our graduates are attractive for the job market

Our certificates

An insight into our work

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