Welcome to the website of the heysterman academy for health and social affairs. I am delighted that you are visiting and interested in us. If you are looking for practical nursing training, advanced or further training or qualification upgrades, and you want to learn from the best, then you have come to just the right place.

Together with me, experience how education brings joy and leads to success. I look forward to hearing from you, because education gives you future!

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Our pedagogical and didactic approach is participant-, action- and science-oriented; we use different pedagogical and didactic models for this purpose. Successful learning requires a framework. It is particularly important to us 

  • to create a safe and pleasant learning atmosphere, 
  • to have trust-based, personal contact with the teachers, 
  • for the teachers to have professional and pedagogical expertise, 
  • to work within a structure in which each participant can be individually nurtured, 
  • and to foster intensive cooperation at the place of learning. 


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What our students say

Alberi Arifaj

After my apprenticeship I would like to continue working in geriatric care. After a few years of practical experience, it is my dream to study to be able to educate myself further.

Milene Meneguefack

Since my childhood, I have always wanted to work in the field of care. Because Germany offers many opportunities in this field, I chose Germany and the Heysterman Academy. Despite initial difficulties, through school I not only learned the language, but also made many new friends.

Fatime Ulndreaj

The Academy was able to help us very well in every situation. At the beginning of the education with my pregnancy, to learn the language and if we needed more learning hours, Mr. Heystermann was happy to offer them to us. I feel really comfortable here.

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