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What makes the Innovative Learning Environments special is the stimulating everyday work and training of specific skills in a realistic environment. In the digital age, challenging situations in everyday activities in the healthcare/nursing professions require innovative solutions that can be recognised and tested in a practical environment. With its Innovative Learning Environments, the heysterman academy offers a unique opportunity to try out everyday situations in an international environment and to create space for new ideas. Changing circumstances in the educational system, along with their target groups, also call for increasingly modern learning methods.

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We see ourselves as a "third-party place of learning"  where mistakes are welcome, so one can learn from them.

In the “playing field” of problem-oriented learning, new forms of training lead to the growth of competencies of the learner, and thus to an improvement in patient/resident care. As part of our courses, learners train and practice professional challenges in an everyday and realistic environment.  Application-based and specific problems are viewed from a wide variety of perspectives in order to test possible solutions. Concrete situations and problems in learners’ everyday professional life are recognised, analysed and dealt with interactively in a created “real world”. Manydifferent professional groups come together in our Innovative Learning Environments in order to prepare themselves for the professional demands of the healthcare sector. 

The Innovative Learning Environments provide an opportunity to try out proven methods, but also, and above all, new techniques. In collaboration with our cooperative partners it is possible, for example, to simulate facility-specific processes and, as a result, develop new solutions for patient/resident care.  Depending on the competency training in question, work is performed in small groups with simulated patients, models or various learning stations. A structured approach is important to us so that you as a learner can return to your actual field of activity with effective results.

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The learner training sessions become real scavenger hunts across the entire care/learning campus. In addition to enjoyment and emotional involvement, movement is also an important factor in learning. Learners move through the nursing campus and use the cameras on their mobile devices to capture posters on the walls or pictures in books. Digital information is provided to them in the form of text, images, audio and video. 

The learning designs are derived from the task feedback, so learners experience a change of perspective in addition to the change of location. Sometimes a Learning Spot leads them into the dining room of the connected retirement home or to a nursing station, where theoretical knowledge is immediately put into practice.

Sequence of our competency-oriented learning designs

Briefing and introduction

Short instruction and status quo discussion Admission interview, presentation to patients with nursing activities

Competence trainings

In addition to simulation and training, other learning stations in small groups will go through virtual reality, observation orders learning tasks to deepen


through video analysis of the action simulation Professional exchange in interdisciplinary teams

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